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First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite
TracyCollinsTracy Collins Decorative AntiquesEb4 (1/3)704-287-7888
JosephCollinsRoyleCc8(561) 719-4190
ShonteCooleyUrban HabitatAa2 & Ab3409-833-7417
ShonteCooleyUrban HabitatAb3409-833-7417
SuzanneCoppolaVert de GrisCb7713-485-0071
PatCrouchPatricia's Antiques & CollectiblesH2 (1/2)
SusanCurran-WrightSnow Leopard AntiquesAc3919-302-7122
RobertDekeersgieterThe VT IndustrialistDc1(802) 399-8231
RobertDekeersgieterThe VT IndustrialistDb1 & Dc1(802) 399-8231
SuzanDentrySuzan Dentry AntiquesDc9(303) 886-9802
Ann MarieDoganVista InteriorsDa3303-335-5412
PhilipDreisAntique CupboardDa9(800) 637-4583
RachelleDudleyVista Lane VintageBa8 1/2979-220-2148
Lowell OlsenDunnCanterbury Court, LLCMFH-6903-875-1577
HilaryEisemanThe Purse LadyGS-5 & GS-6678-613-3344
HilaryEisemanThe Purse LadyGS-6678-613-3344
NancyElbyThe Good StuffAc7(248) 390-6063
SuzanneElderIt's a Mother Daughter ThingH6(903) 676-6218
JohnElkinsJohn Elkins Jr AntiquesFc1(540) 345-6538
ChrisEneboChris Enebo Antique JewelryDH-6303-679-9988
EugeneEskiKilim & Rug BazaarAc8(713) 903-5735
GeorgeEvansGrinard CollectionCb3917-656-0266
RandyFarmerArtifactsCc1 & Cd1(615) 310-4355
RandyFarmerArtifactsCd1(615) 310-4355
First NameLast NameCompanyBoothPhoneWebsite

Interested in becoming a dealer at the Marburger Farm Antique Show?

Our goal at Marburger Farm is to provide the most exciting venue where the most talented antique dealers come together to offer shoppers a world-class round-up of quality antiques and fresh vintage finds, not tired merchandise and reproductions. Our venue of 9 tents and 12 historic buildings offers the antique dealer and shopper alike a truly unique experience. We pride ourselves in our most valuable resource, the greatest group of antique dealers in the United States and abroad.