YOU are Invited, Friend.

I love that I love my job.

I’ve had the privilege of working for Marburger Farm Antique Show for many years and I believe I have the best job in the world.


Antiques speak to my soul. They have stories and I am all ears. Perhaps it was one too many bedtime reads of The Velveteen Rabbit, but when I see something that needs a home or holds nostalgic value or just whispers of an age gone by, well, I perk up. The craftsmanship, the history, the timelessness…. I could go on and on.


So, that makes my job amazing but what puts it over the top is the people. I LOVE meeting shoppers from all over the world. I get to hear their stories, help them find items they are looking for and share in an incredible life experience with them (yes, Antique Week is that awesome).


I also love the folks I work with. Each morning I drive into the gates during show week I am greeted by the gate crew who have worked for Marburger for years. They are family to me. The owners, office staff, the porters, the parking crew, vendors, dealers…I mean I literally work (and by “work” I mean have the best time of my life) with hundreds of folks who have become family and friends to me.


Another joy I have is to work with the crew of Distinguished Transport. They are our on-site shipping experts. I’ve watched these guys run all over our 43 acres picking up purchased items, treating them as if they were their own family heirlooms and deliver them all over the world. They work hard and treat people like family.


Recently I was asked what makes Marburger so special, so different. And I believe the simple fact that we have the very best, the most knowledgable, reputable dealers from all over the world assembling a 43 acre treasure hunt for people is amazing. But what makes it special? What puts it over the top? The fact that you’ll be welcomed into this antique wonderland as family and friends.


I’m inviting you to throw down that pile of work, grab your BFF, jump in the car and join us. Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2014 we want YOU to join us and experience it for yourself. See you there. I’ll be the one grinning ear-to-ear.


Show starts in 48 days,




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One Response to YOU are Invited, Friend.

  1. Laura mcsparren says:

    Very nice article, Tara! We are excited!
    Laura (AngelsAbroadAntiques)

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