The Coufal House

I’m curious how many of you, like myself, read the title of the post and first pronounced it The “Coe-ful” House? If you did, you’d be in good company. But if you pronounce it like that in these here parts, you’ll likely be corrected.

You see, that’s actually pronounced “Sue-fall” because of course it is.

The Coufal house is a beautiful historic building that I have the pleasure of getting to drool over all day because it sits just outside our office window. It has the greatest old metal roof and wonderful antique doors with glass panes.

Inside the Coufal house are two amazing antique dealers. If you are looking for industrial antiques or lighting fixtures, make sure you stop by and show off that you are “in the know’ by name dropping the “Sue-Fall” house.

This is the side porch of  the Coufal house.coufal

Here is a great perspective of the Coufal House and the rusty metal roof.coufal3

Here are some of the gorgeous antique chandeliers in the Coufal House.coufal4

Stunning fixtures everywhere you turn.coufal5

Here’s a great shot looking out at Tent B from the Coufal porch.coufal7

I love the weather vanes on the roof.DSC01442

I saw this incredible table on the porch and loved it. I kept my eye on it from my office window.


This shopper had his eye on a beautiful antique light fixture.DSC01450

Be sure to stop by the “Sue-fall” house and tell Eric Brown and John Berry I sent you. But don’t blame me if you walk away with a heart stopping treasure. They are irresistible.


See you 34 days!


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5 Responses to The Coufal House

  1. Danny Weiner says:

    Sure like to come on out And visit/ shop your Awesome shop! Looks incredible 

  2. Eric Brown says:

    Hi Tara, Eric wanted me to send a note to thank you for the wonderful post on the Coufal House and his lighting. Great photos and article!! He has a lot more amazing lighting we are restoring for Spring show. Thanks again, Kim

    • Julie maples says:

      Hey Eric! Hoping this message gets sent to Eric…Could you email me regarding the hinge lights I bought from you. My daughter broke one of them and I would love to send it to you to fix. Thanks so much!

  3. There’s nothing like a rusty old roof…but paired with fabulous chandeliers? Almost too amazing to take in. :) See y’all next week!

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