Valentine’s Day Marburger Style

So, this being February and Valentine’s day being just around the corner, I thought I would post a few pics that make a girl’s heart flutter.

Antique jewelry is abundant at Marburger and truly makes me stop in my tracks. valentines4

Sterling silver rings, 14k gold and precious stones. Sigh.valentines6

Lockets, religious medals, enamel, mother of pearl… I could go on all day long. valentines5

And then there are diamonds, pearls, did I mention diamonds? The variety and quality of jewelry offered at Marburger is staggering and swoon worthy.


And when in Texas, you can’t pass up Native American turquoise jewelry. Or, when in any state, you just should not pass these beauties up.


Hopefully this has warmed your heart as it has mine and just so you know, I fully support forwarding this to your significant other as a subliminal message.

Opening day is only 47 days away!


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One Response to Valentine’s Day Marburger Style

  1. Kim Gaynor says:

    I always love seeing photos of Marburger Farm’s antique show. Maybe I’m an odd bird but for me, I’d rather have a fantastic piece of furniture or an addition to one of my many collections rather than jewelry. Ha! Looking forward to coming to the Spring show.

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