Our Shopping Guide- The Howdy

We are roughly 64 DAYS away from our Fall show and that means we are picking up steam and getting everything in order for our most incredible show yet.

Each show we create a publication called The Howdy. It is the shopping guide to Marburger Farm Antique Show. We publish and distribute The Howdy to thousands shoppers, dealers, vendors, interior designers, decorators, and businesses. The online version can be viewed here.

Pages from TheHOWDY_Spring2014_web

Every single shopper at Marburger Farm is handed The Howdy where they can find a listing of every dealer, where the dealers are located, maps, services and more.


This presents a wonderful opportunity for our dealers and businesses to place an ad in The Howdy and draw attention to their booth, antique store, or service and promote their business. The ads are also featured with a link to their website on a tab on our facebook page. This tab is periodically promoted on our facebook wall.


If you are interested in applying for an ad space in The Howdy, please email me at tara@marburgershow.com for details.


See you SOON!!


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Antique Decorating For Your Modern Home


Antiques are not meant to live in your attic or garage, collecting dust. From the elegantly carved wood wardrobe your grandmother cherished for decades to the tiny glass sculpture you found at a second-hand store, vintage pieces can give your home a unique sense of character. There are several ways you can incorporate antiques into a home with modern furniture and decor for a stylish and eclectic look in each room of your house.

A Romantic, Whimsical Bedroom

Mixing traditional comfort with contemporary style will give your bedroom a whimsical and romantic ambiance. Overpowering wood antiques can make your room seem cluttered and outdated. Instead, mix one or two pieces with contemporary wallpaper for a stylish mix. Better Homes and Gardens recommends using a large piece for something other than its original purpose or using it in a room you wouldn’t normally place it. You can use a glass-front china cabinet in the corner of your bedroom to display books or photos. Antique chairs aren’t restricted to dining areas or living rooms. Stage your chair strategically in your bedroom with a small bookcase to create a cozy reading corner.

An Industrial-Era Kitchen with Modern Flair

Don’t fall under the misconception that your kitchen has to be rustic or modern. Incorporate vintage industrial elements into your kitchen for a hip yet functional cooking space. Home Stratosphere suggests using exposed bricks, joists, beams and lighting fixtures to transform your kitchen into a sleek industrial space. Decorate with antique copper pots and vintage bar stools. Mix low-hanging vintage-inspired lighting with contemporary track lighting for an eclectic complement to your industrial look. Complete the room with final touches like minimalist metal countertop surfaces or hang avant-garde pieces of art on the walls.

An Eclectic Living Room

Don’t be bashful—get creative with your living room decor. The living space should be a warm and inviting reflection of you and your family. In an interview with design and architecture magazine Freshome, Toma Clark Haines, an antiques specialist living in Berlin and antiquing across Europe suggests the most boring thing you can do is decorate a room all in one style.

“If you’re not an artist but a scientist, approach mixing antique periods and styles as if it were Newton’s third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” Haines said.

Contrast light with dark, glitzy with sleek. A curvy antique chair or sofa can be paired with minimalist side tables or a tall, angular lamp. Traditional long, dark drapes should compliment wide, bright contemporary windows.

As Haines recommends, a home should be collected, not decorated. “Our homes should tell a story—where we’ve been and where we’re going—and what moves us,” she said.

A Luxurious Vintage Bathroom

Create the ultimate relaxing bathroom with modern luxury and vintage style. Modern hardware is ideal for functionality, but the simple addition of a large vintage mirror or porcelain claw-footed bathtub can add a sumptuous, elegant look. Take a cue from designer Paolo Moschino, who paired an elegant freestanding tub with an antique secretary desk against the backdrop of a large window. This combination of light and dark creates a unique focal point that also provides storage and functionality.


A special thank you for this article written by guest author Maria Springs.  

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Weather Forecast: ANTIQUES

In Texas during the summer, the weather can get temperamental.


As we watched the Hurricane roll up the coast recently, it made me think of all the communities past who had seen and experienced some of the hurricanes or crazy weather years before us.

I remembered the beautiful weather vanes I’d spotted at the Fall show and realized, before computers and the technologies of today, they actually counted on and used weather vanes.


This one is on the Silver Dollar Saloon building and always gets my attention.


As I thought about the wind and rain I realized how through the years we have used and needed the seasons. These windmills which at one time were an essential tool now are beautiful and reminiscent of days gone by.

I love the scale of this huge windmill.


And this great little windmill would be beautiful in a garden.


And this wonderful partial windmill is stunning.


Don’t forget to enjoy the season, the wind and the rain.


See you SOON! Next show is Sept 30-Oct 4!


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It’s Texas, Y’all

One of my favorite antique categories to hunt for at Marburger is Texas antiques.

We have a Texas sign at Marburger that is so loved it has become a tradition to get your picture under it before you leave.  DSC02246

Anything pertaining to the history of Texas or early Texas made items just thrill me. I love learning about this great state and the people who came here.


I am a huge fan of graphic letters so of course these made my heart flutter.


Vintage boots are a staple at Marburger Farm. Wear yours or buy some but chances are you’re leaving with a GREAT pair of vintage boots.


Texas cowboys and anything representing that heritage are hot items.


There’s a great booth that paints on vintage and antique items and the ones that give a nod to Texas pride are snapped up quickly.

20140331-IMAG5706 20140331-IMAG5709

A great treat is getting to see the longhorns on your way into Round Top, Texas and this treasure showed the different types.


Lastly, we stumbled across these girls all dressed up for Antique Week and we couldn’t resist the photo shoot opportunity. They represented Texas well.



Hope we see y’all in Texas Sept 30-Oct.4th at our next show!!


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In Honor of Father’s Day…..

Today, in honor of Father’s Day we are talking Man-tiques.

The variety of antiques at Marburger is awesome and it includes loads of incredible items that we call “man-tiques”.

Man-tiques are things we find men like to collect, hunt for, or restore. The range of what falls into “man-tiques” is wide and here are a few of the things we’d put in that category.

Anything heavy, metal and rusty is a great head turner.


As far as designing and decorating for men, antlers are highly sought after.


Boating and many antiques that pertains to outdoor activities fall into our man-tiques category.


This sign was awesome and this whole booth was a magnet for the male antique hunters.


Fishing poles, rods, lures, and tackle are a hit with the guys as well.


And duck decoys make everyone happy, happy, happy.


This once garden tool holder turned golf club organizer turned many heads.


And these antique soda machines, pinball games, and light fixtures were snapped up for man caves and game rooms.

20140401-DSC_0773 20140401-DSC_0774


This is just the tip of the iceberg in man-tiques. They were plentiful at Marburger and made many folks very happy campers.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all.


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